Rapid Creek Research

Rapid Creek Research (RCR) is an environmental instrumentation firm based in Boise, Idaho. RCR was founded in 1993 by Jim Brock, who continues to serve as the principal scientist in the company. RCR focuses on monitoring and scientific research of primarily aquatic systems and includes all phases of instrumentation from conception, design, fabrication, testing, installation, data acquisition, and analysis.    RCR serves as a system integrator for hydrological monitoring stations that range from urban to remote locations, typically featuring telemetry with web-based data access.  In cases where sensors are not available from other vendors suited for long-term unattended monitoring, RCR has developed tooling and electronic circuits to manufacture the instruments itself. RCR has developed and manufactured recirculation chambers for studies of metabolism.  RCR has extensive experience with telemetry systems that transmit data collected by monitoring equipment to a web server for visual display.

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